The world's largest network of wine influencers

VinoInflluencers is a network of wine professionals worldwide that generates business synergies, knowledge, experiences, contacts and international sales relationships etc. that help wineries to grow and expand.

We have created a community that begins its activity with more than 50 nationalities, where they share: oenology, marketing, wine tourism, tastings, events, wineries, tastes in consumption in each country, contacts, etc. and we carry out influential marketing campaigns always adhering to the initiative of Wine in Moderation, we share knowledge of the product and responsible consumption nationally and internationally... also continue to grow every day.

The group of professionals that forms and is in charge of the management of vinoinfluencers, is composed by multiple professional profiles (marketing, design, photography, interior design, programming...) all of them widely trained in the world of wine, after several market studies and also through the relationship with the different types of vinoinfluencers.

Spain, Brazil, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Argentina, Germany, Chile, Netherlands, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Panama, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Moldova, Nigeria, Andorra, Indonesia, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Luxembourg, Philippines, Uruguay, Curaçao, China, Japan, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Israel, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Singapore...


Spain, United States, Argentina, China, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, France, Belgium, Greece, Australia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Chile, Norway, Israel, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Denmark, South Africa, Poland, Slovenia...