The world's largest network of wine influencers

VinoInflluencers is a network of wine professionals worldwide that generates business synergies, knowledge, experiences, contacts and international sales relationships etc. that help wineries to grow and expand.

We have created a community that begins its activity with more than 50 nationalities, where they share: oenology, marketing, wine tourism, tastings, events, wineries, tastes in consumption in each country, contacts, etc. and we carry out influential marketing campaigns always adhering to the initiative of Wine in Moderation, we share knowledge of the product and responsible consumption nationally and internationally... also continue to grow every day.

The group of professionals that forms and is in charge of the management of vinoinfluencers, is composed by multiple professional profiles (marketing, design, photography, interior design, programming...) all of them widely trained in the world of wine, after several market studies and also through the relationship with the different types of vinoinfluencers.

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Our Services

We create marketing strategies that turn into wine sales and over time we get really powerful brands.

Through the services of Vinoinfluencers we give you the opportunity to create your own tailor-made campaign!

Influencers Marketing Services

The influencers become the company's voices, contributing their image and associating themselves with the brand's values. They will be the best ambassadors for your wines by disseminating messages and creating content in line with the values of your winery.

Marketing and Communication Services

We redefine your brand image, due to in the course of the life of a winery or wine, its visual identity, like many other elements, may need a transformation.

Wine Marketing Tools

Creative videos, social networks and online marketing. Focus of the winery's real marketing strategies to the Internet world and all its applications, social networks and Websites.

Organization of National and International Events

Our wine-influencers attend all the necessary events organized by the brand in person and broadcast the actions through content. All of this is integrated into your marketing plan to make your wines known in new markets and to reinforce your brand image.

Export orientation

We see the need to integrate into our communication strategy how we are perceived abroad and to adapt the discourse according to the target market. We develop content in different languages. Do you want to organize fairs and events abroad? We can help you.


Our WineInfluencers

Wine producers, tasters, testers, chefs, oenologists, sommeliers, connoisseurs, amateurs, bloggers, influencers, winetravellers, foodies, winestyle, Influencers in RRSS all join in Vinoinfluencers with the commitment to spread wine brands internationally, adhering to the initiative of responsible consumption, "Wine in Moderation". This is done through their RRSS to all their followers and future wine consumers, millennials and generation Z.

We are an organization with a future vision

Our Team

Goodbye to traditional organization and hello to a network of work teams. Now it is possible thanks to VinoInfluencers, a brand image that crosses barriers.

Our international team will provide an internationalization strategy, betting and considering the creation of an agile and mobile team network based on skills, not on locations. This gives us the ability to respond more quickly to changes.

Somos un equipo formado por Wine Content Creator pertenecientes a más de 50 países, para llevar a cabo campañas de marketing de vinoinfluencers, eventos, catas, coworking, presentaciones de vinos, ferias, wine partys, para todas las bodegas y marcas de vino que decidan incrementar su prestigio en el mundo.

Influencers of your own brand

People from the world of wine who stand out for being excellent communicators of their brand.

Outstanding people from the world of wine who, through their personal blogs and presence in social networks, have become true influencers of their own brand.



In this section we recommend interesting wine tourism experiences in Spain for VinoInfluencers from all over the world. Visits, tastings, pairings, etc. in the best wineries in Spain, getaways and encounters with the most select wines. We organize your trips!


VinoInfluencers News

News from the wine world and influencer marketing.


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Institutions, companies and brands that collaborate with VinoInfluencers.