I'm winery

I'm winery

Objectives for your brand

Specific objectives, getting our reach to the perfect population target for your brand. Through talents from the wine sector with professional followers who value and consume the product at an international level.

Measurable objectives, through the monitoring of our vinoinfluencers we will quantify the success of the campaigns, according to their reports and brand awareness in their markets.

Relevant objectives, strengthening the communication of your brand towards young people (millenials), generation that begin to consume wine and that is nourished by information through influencers in RRSS and spread among them the consumption responsible for our adhesion to (Wine in Moderation).

Register in our private area as a winery, free of charge. In this way you will have the possibility to request budgets, receive international proposals in progress and see and choose the profiles we select for your campaign.

Work with VinoInfluencers easily, quickly and efficiently.



We select profiles from our vinoinfluencers

The right choice to reach your target

What do we value in selecting our winesinfluencers, bearing in mind that we know each one of them exhaustively and what they can offer:

  • Real followers number.
  • Your engagement is very important to measure the loyalty of your followers.
  • The confluence of advertising media and different media within your professional range in addition to Social Networks.
  • Profession, country and type of audience.

Every time you want to carry out a marketing campaign of influencers, event, action, etc. enter with your username and password and send us your needs and planned dates.